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Field System Machining performs portable line boring services and coupling line boring for cylinders, pumps, pump casings, turbine casings, pressure vessels, cylinder casings, compressors, compressor casings, gear boxes, construction equipment, wicket gates, and every other thing that can be line bored.  If you need on site line boring service, field line boring service, portable line boring service, portable lineboring service, in situ line boring service, in place line boring service, or field line boring service, you are on the correct web site!!  On Site Portable In Place Industrial Line Boring Service is one of our core competencies!  Fill out the form, below, or call us at 1-800-789-2814.  We can line bore anything that can be line bored and are experts at line boring.

Portable Line Boring Bar Being Set Into PositionOn-Site Line Boring Portable Boring Bar Field System Machining
On Site Line Boring - To ANY Length or Diameter!  Field System Machining provides coupling line boring, line boring coupling hole, and coupling hole line boring in place, on site, on time.


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