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Industrial Shaft Bearing Journal Repair - On Site Shaft Journal Trunnion Large Shaft Machining Experts

Get a Shaft Repair Quote, NOW ! ! ! ! DAMAGED SHAFT REPAIR, today! Large Shaft Repair.  Industrial Shaft Repair. Journal, Trunnion, Spherical Bearing and Collector Ring Portable Machining, Since 1978! When you need to machine shafts in place - Call Field System Machining! Productivity losses and repair costs resulting from shaft or journal scoring or fracturing can be catastrophic. That's why 24/7/365, Field System Machining in place machining shaft experts stand ready to provide immediate, expert on-site journal and shaft machining.  Our orbital machining portable machine tools rotate (or "orbit") around the shaft, which means shaft rotation is unnecessary.

If you need your slip rings, excitation rings, collector rings or journals machined on turning gear, we can do that!  If you need your rings or journals machined by stationary journal machine, portable lathe, or journal squirrel, we can do that, too!

Field System Machining is a worldwide leader and pioneer in Stationary Journal Machining, Squirrel Cage Machining, Journal Squirrel Machining and Journal Lathe Machining, specializing in cutting, grinding, burnishing and polishing of journals, collector rings, thrust faces, hydrogen seals, spherical bearings, babbitted bearings, trunnion repair, trunnion resurfacing, trunnion machining, as well as repairing turbine journals, shaft journals, shaft bearings, and FD-ID Fan Shafts.
Since 1978 heavy industry of all kinds has relied upon Field System Machining for shaft journal portable repairs, mobile, portable and on-site turbine journal machining, portable squirrel cage machining, collector ring machining, stationary journal Machining, fan shaft journal repair, and spherical bearing on-site repair.  Yes, that is correct, we can machine and repair spherical bearings on site, in place.  Shaft Journal Portable Repairs, Mobile, Portable and On-Site Turbine Journal Machining, Portable Squirrel Cage Machining, Collector Ring Machining, Stationary Journal Machining, Fan Shaft Journal Repair, Spherical Bearing On-Site Repairs, and Industrial Shaft Repairs are our specialties.

Specializing in:
  • Portable, In Place, and On-Site Machining, Tooling, Grinding and Polishing of Journals, Spherical Bearings, Collector Rings, Thrust Faces, Hydrogen Seals. (Applicable to Turbines, Generators, Motors, Pumps, Drive Shafts, & Propulsion Shafts).
  • Portable Welding and Sleeving to Repair Damaged Shafts, Shaft Journals, Bearing Journals and Trunnions.
  • Reverse Manufacturing of old Shafts and Manufacturing of new replacement shafts and components.
  • The most advanced on-site shaft repair & portable journal repair methods!
Downtime Reduction:
Easily the most important advance in modern machining technology, portable stationary machining and honing permits fast, accurate tolerance and finish restoration without the crippling delays and staggering costs of conventional disassembly, off-site repair and assembly:  By simply rotating around your shaft/journal within the unit, our Stationary Journal Machine quickly restores straight, round or concentric conditions to within 0.0005" final machine tolerances from virtually any position.
Stationary Honing Polishes Shaft Journals to a 16 RMS finish-8 RMS where needed!

In addition
  • Because absolutely no shaft rotation is required risk of journal clogging, oil climb and bearing damage are eliminated.
  • Virtually no plant crane or rigging assistance is needed.
  • Minimal lay down space is required

Precision tolerances greatly improve bearing longevity and performance. We restore shaft journal dimensions to OEM dimensions.

FSM Replacment Shaft Manufactured in One WeekGearbox Replacement Shaft Manufactured in One Week, from print to crate.