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At Field System Machining we keep your steam turbine repair, steam turbine service and steam path maintenance costs to an absolute minimum without a sacrifice in precision quality or system performance. We have a 23,000 square foot steam turbine repair shop specializing in steam turbine repair, steam path repair, steam turbine service, steam valve repair, steam chest repair, water circ pump repair, feedwater pump repair, steam path welding, turbine nozzle repair including turbine nozzle welding and turbine nozzle machining, turbine parts manufacturing, diaphragm major and diaphragm minor repairs, and reverse manufacturing solutions.  We are your one stop turbine repair shop, and we repair GE turbines, Westinghouse turbines, Mitsubishi turbines, Terry turbines, Dresser-Rand turbines, Toshiba turbines, Allis Chalmers turbines, Alstom turbines, and Brown Boveri turbines, to name a few. Call 1-800-789-2814 or CLICK to Get a St

Steam Path Repair Image Gallery

Photographs of steam turbine and turbine diaphragm steam path repair.

Complete Turbine Steam Path Repair, Turbine Steam Path Parts and Turbine Steam Path Service


    • Complete Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine Parts and Service. Stationary steam turbine component repair:
      • Refurbishment, repair, manufacture, and installation of steam turbine nozzles and steam turbine diaphragms.
      • Refurbishment, repair, manufacture, and installation of steam turbine blade rings.
      • Refurbishment, repair, manufacture, and installation of steam turbine seals, steam turbine packing gland seals, steam turbine sensitized packing, and steam turbine caulking seals.
      • Complete shop and on-site NDE, NDT, and metallurgy analysis.
      • Computerized Area Checks of turbines generator assemblies.
    • Steam Turbine Rotor Component Repair:
      • Replacement of steam turbine blades and buckets.
      • Replacement and repair of steam turbine erosion shields.
      • Replacement and repair to steam turbine tie wires.
      • Weld repairs to steam turbine lashing lugs.
      • Complete steam turbine welding capabilities and refurbishment to steam turbine tenons - Steam turbine shroud bands - Steam Turbine Blade - Bucket cover repairs and replacements.
    • Complete Steam Turbine Weld Repairs and Steam Turbine Heat Treating Capabilities on:
      • Steam Turbine Horizontal Joints. (turbine case repair)
      • Integral Root Steam Turbine Radial Seals.
      • Diaphragm Partitions & Steam Turbine Blade Rings.
      • Set-Back Faces.
      • Crush Pins.
      • Steam Packing and Seal Hook Fits.
      • All other steam turbine repair to components.
      • Steam Path Repair Assessments to determine only necessary, essential steam turbine repairs.
  • Complete Steam Turbine NDE services

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